Our company has a great know-how in carpet placement in your premises. Our technical team now have years of experience in the carpet applications in areas such as exhibitions, offices, homes, shops, and hotels or hotels.
Our company, based on its customer-oriented orientation, gives great importance to the complete, responsible and correct application of the carpets.
In many cases it is necessary to prepare the surface for the coating of the materials in order to achieve the best possible result.

For the best and fuller satisfaction of your needs, the installation technicians of our company also provide for the removal of old materials from your premises if desired. We safely undertake the transportation of offices & furniture in residential or business premises that are in operation in order to properly position and apply the carpets.
The technical company ARTFLOOR cooperates with both Greek and foreign suppliers (Italy, Poland, Germany, Belgium) so we can have a wide range of carpets so that we can meet all the needs of our customers according to their sector such as professional carpets Intended for harsh use such as in hotel, office, or store.

About professional carpets:

They are professional carpets of special use as they combine great resistance to wear from everyday use, excellent behavior in static and dynamic loads, sound insulation, resistance, while also contributing to the limitation of microbial growth through their antimicrobial treatment. Most of these carpets have certificates for insensitivity, anti-allergy treatment and great resistance to wear and tear.
For professional spaces and shops, with high circulation, where high aesthetics and durability are required, we recommend carpets based on polyamide fibers.

Available in various types such as:

  • Bouquet carpets
  • Carpet embossed
  • Velvet carpets
  • Carpets – tile
  • Wool carpets
  • Carpets for boats
  • Eco-friendly carpets
  • Carpet for wall coverings
  • Sisal carpets for outdoor use


Carpet – tile

The tile carpet is very durable and resistant to stains. It is specially designed for entrance areas, schools, exhibition halls, shopping centers, etc. The carpet of this class is very durable in places where heavy to extremely heavy traffic is required. It is a smart solution since there is the possibility of replacing a carpet tile if it gets damaged after extremely hard use.