ARTFLOOR company since 1980 undertakes the study, the construction and maintenance of floors, to improve the durability and appearance. Applies integrated solutions for laying floors for both interior and exterior areas with expertise and consistency. ARTFLOOR is the first company with great expertise and is certified with ISO 9001: 2015 Floor Implementation, certification that places it in the first team of floor installers in Greece.

ARTFLOOR is consisted of teams fully trained and qualified with expertise. Characterized by their consistency and for their equipment which shall make them immediately able to respond in all situations / cases. Continuous training is one of the major priorities of ARTFLOOR with our leading technical teams to be the most reliable for the most suitable floor construction method. The materials used are top quality and certified by ISO, ITF, CE etc., in order to meet the customer-oriented approach of the company, so that customer obtain a new fresh and modern floor appropriate for durable long use.

Acrylic Tennis Courts
Acrylic Basketball Courts
Acrylic Volleyball Courts
Acrylic Handball Courts
Acrylic Football Courts
Construction of Soccer Courts with Artificial Grass
Construction 5×5 Football Courts with Artificial Grass
Construction of Running Track with Elastic Colored Granules, EPDM Granules
Playgrounds Construction
Installation of Rubber Tiles in Playgrounds
Laminate Installation
Installation of Vinyl Floor
Installation of PVC Flooring
Floor Installation suitable for Hospitals and Surgeries
Floor Installation appropriate for Food Facilities
Floor Construction with Specific Demands
3D Floor Construction
Carpet Installation
Linoleum Flooring Installation
Epoxy Flooring Construction
Construction of Decorative Concrete
Construction of Conductive Flooring

ARTFLOOR’s commitment is the absolute awareness of the environmental changes by monitoring, assessing and continually upgrading all flooring application systems. It has reached the level where monitoring global and domestic developments in the market it chooses to cooperate with the largest and most reliable companies of the field and with absolute professionalism handles the  latest technology, in order to offer top quality turnkey materials followed by international certificates and guarantees to the most competitive prices of the market.

Having already to its conquest list some of the largest and best constructions in places like gyms, stadiums, hospitals, factories, luxury private residences, hotels, holiday camps etc. ARTFLOOR is the only company in Greece that provides construction and installation guarantee. ARTFLOOR presence is distinguished in both Greece and abroad.

Company’s responsibility and the approach to technical practice of ARTFLOOR are both directly related to our fundamental principles:

  • To provide a higher quality service, value and duration to the extent of fully meet customer requirements.
  • To apply only the highest quality materials to meet specific project specifications.
  • To operate with professionalism and honesty.
  • To accomplish a perfect result in a short time
  • Be proud of our constructions.