Our company undertakes the stripping of outdoor and indoor terrains (tennis, basketball, volleyball etc.) using the appropriate hue according to the color chart of the stadium and the requirements. In any situation, if you are the lines of your court, ARTFLOOR can renew and promote your stadium. Also, ARTFLOOR’s technical team can undertake the line painting in parking areas.

Separation and guidelines in a parking area are worn regularly, both due to vehicle traffic and weather conditions, especially if it is an open parking area. ARTFLOOR can restore the line painting to parking areas in their original place with quality solutions using modern equipment, excellent materials and years of know-how.

Cycling routes Line Painting

The use of cycle paths is everyday and more frequent, so it is necessary the correctly stripe as well as the proper marking and maintenance of them. The cycle path, as well as normal motorway roads, requires maintenance of the lines that define the direction and warn about its status (eg, graphic with a bicycle at fixed intervals). The technical company ARTFLOOR undertakes the maintenance and renewal of the signposting of the bicycle route as its frequent use of bicycle has an important role in improving life and protecting the environment.

The company ARTFLOOR and its technical team are now able to undertake the line painting in many spaces and with different kinds and qualities of floors are able to meet all the requirements. Indicatively, we mention the following:

  • Line Marking in Interior flooring
  • Stripping of all kind of courts
  • Line Painting of epoxy – industrial floors
  • Line Painting underground and covered parking
  • Line Painting of courtyards (schools, institutions, hospitals, shopping centers etc) to create multisport areas
  • Line Painting of heliports and airports
  • Line Painting of Track surface
  • Stripping in Artificial Grass