ARTFLOOR has extensive experience and expertise in the implementation and installation of plastic – vinyl flooring (PVC flooring, Antistatic Flooring, Conductive Flooring). Below you may find information about PVC, the Antistatic and Conductive Floors in order to discover the relevance of these floors.

PVC Flooring
Our company cooperates with famous companies that have a wide variety of homogeneous and heterogeneous vinyl flooring with long life and minimum maintenance costs. They contain a large amount of pure PVC, which in combination with the third generation polyurethane enhance floors with unique advantages.
High quality specifications and advanced manufacturing technology, makes the flooring suitable for covering industrial and commercial premises with very high stress and in places that move freight delivery vehicles. They appear high resistance to abrasion, cracking, acids, alkalis and any kind wear caused by daily use. Easy to clean and have minimal maintenance costs due to their smooth surface and applied with special magnetic glue on any flat and stable base. The wide range of colors gives unlimited combination possibilities for unique designs according to your requirements.

Antistatic Floors
Antistatic floors provide high electrical insulation 104 Ohm to protect humans and equipment from electrical discharges. They are suitable for electronics labs and other places with high concentration of electric charges. The placement of the coating is performed with an acrylic adhesive to a smooth and solid substrate while achieving consistency across the floor surface are used for vinyl welding rods connecting joints which are integrated with the floor by heat.

Conductive Floors
Conductive floors are skilled in covering specific needs. The conductive flooring with electrical insulation 104Ohm is amplified by the third generation polyurethane and graphite chips inside the PVC mass and pure carbon at the rear side to be safe and never lose its conductivity, they are suitable for surgery rooms, spaces H / PC etc.
Apply with a conductive adhesive and copper grid and connection joints are thermally with a special cord to achieve absolute consistency and tightness. The utilitarian traffic surface and throughout the thickness of the material is provided with antimicrobial and antibacterial processing (polyurethane) to ensure a perfect and lasting hygiene.

Plastic Flooring
• Have quick installation (placed on any hard, flat surface) to have directly available and ready to use your area.
• It is very resistant and waterproof.
• They have excellent resistance to chemicals and fluids.
• It is very easy to clean.
• protect objects from damage if they fall to the ground.
• Have excellent anti-slip properties.
• It is very comfortable for places where there is a lot of standing by the staff.
• They have a variety of colors and allow the separation zones and strips in the workplace.
• It is specially made to withstand heavy traffic in both pedestrian and wheeled
• Can withstand heavy mechanical loads (forklifts / warehouse trucks, airplanes)

Offered for renovations or new floors:
• Workshops / Factories
• Stores
• Warehouses
• Control Rooms
• Offices
• Power Companies
• Airports
• Sports Centers
• Showrooms.