Synthetic Lawn – Artificial Grass – Plastic Grass – Synthetic grass – Football (FIFA QUALITY PRO) Turf

It is a perfect solution for any outdoor area on any surface (clay – tile – cement). Not affected by water and sun, is highly resistant to extreme weather conditions. It is a solid material and at the substrate there are special holes for water drainage.

Why should you buy and install Synthetic Turf at my place?

  1. It remains green throughout the year. Even in the shade, under furniture and trees. Retains its color, and it always looks like new. For those who have young children or in your professional area requires specific conditions of the synthetic turf is completely hypoallergenic.
  2. Quick installation. It is available in rolls width of 2m and 4m to fit in all areas.
  3. None water. Forget the water bill. The artificial grass retains its beautiful green color and high density of NO water.
  4. Durable. The synthetic turf is a durable product that will give you many years of enjoyment. The color does not fade from sunlight. It is environmentally friendly because it does ECONOMY in water, pesticides and fertilizers. It is made from 100% recycled material.
  5. Minimum Maintenance. It is the ideal solution for you that you want a beautiful garden, without getting tired and to spend money for it. Forget the cut grass, manure and unnecessary costs of a gardener. All you have to do is to enjoy it.

Our Company undertakes the installation of turf in your place, always with professionalism and guaranteed materials.

Why You Should Prefer Artificial Grass For Sports Areas?

Beyond the top advantages of the synthetic turf, which are described above, the synthetic turf is suitable for stadiums and courts. Several types of synthetic turf are in the market and of course a large share of them is accompanied by the necessary certificates as well.

Few words about synthetic turf for professional use:

The color of the synthetic turf is natural grass green and unaffected by ultraviolet rays. Ensure direct runoff of rainwater through a system of holes into the bottom of the carpet, so the land can be used either during or immediately after rain.
Due to the specific particle size of sand which is filled with the synthetic turf the stadium is not muddy after rain. Temperature changes do not affect it. Unlike natural grass it does not need maintenance (80-90% less operating and maintenance costs) and therefore the turf can be used continuously.

In addition to quartz sand, the synthetic turf is filled either with special recycled rubber or EPDM (certified, hypoallergenic, colored) or with an ecological blend of selected coconut, cork, and minimal percentage of thermoplastic material (GEO type) following the US application standards .

The pitching of the stadium according to the General Secretariat of Sports is carried out as well as the hair combing using a special machine in order to raise the fiber of the artificial grass.

The installation of synthetic turf is made with great care rolls are measured and cut on site. The focal points of successive pieces are unfolded and glued with polyurethane glue on a special geotextile that is placed underneath.

The appropriate slant of the area, assisted by a system of holes into the bottom of the mat ensures direct runoff of rain so the stadium can be used either during or immediately after rain.
Because of the special sand which the synthetic turf is filled the court doesn’t get muddy after rain. Temperature changes do not affect it.

Artfloor’s technical team undertakes to construct courts from artificial grass of special requirements at the most economical prices of the market.