What are epoxy materials?

Epoxy materials are polymeric materials that, through a chemical reaction, are converted from liquids to solids.Epoxy systems consist of two components, resins and hardeners. When the two components are bonded in the right proportions, they react chemically and create a hard and durable material. The applications of epoxy materials are many and cover a wide range of professional and industrial needs, also characterized by their high chemical and thermal resistance.

What are epoxy floors?

Epoxy floors, whether or not slippery, are high strength floors that apply to areas that require special standards such as professional kitchens, ships, construction areas, swimming pools, sanitary facilities, factories, etc. They contain specific antimicrobial components that prevent the development of harmful microbes, viruses and bacteria. They are particularly resistant to mold, fungi and unpleasant odors. Epoxy floors consist of one or several coats and are cleaned quickly and easily.

The epoxy floor is ideal for:

  • Professional kitchens, restaurants, hotels and hospitals
  • Production lines and storage areas where trucks and Clark machines are moved.
  • Areas where dust is undesirable so-called “anti-dust floors”


Why choose an epoxy floor:

  • It is smooth, single floor and cleaned easily and quickly.
  • It is hard and durable and is the ideal solution for heavy work areas.
  • It is waterproof, creating the necessary conditions to avoid damaging the walls and the flooring. This protects the hydraulic and electrical installations of the space.
  • It is particularly durable and is not affected by the continuous dropping of animal fats, lubricants, oils, acids, blood alkalines and salt.
  • Maintains its antimicrobial properties even in low temperature rooms such as freezers and freezer chambers.


It is applied by the specialized team of our company with excellent know-how

The specialized technical team undertake the study of the construction and maintenance of the floors in order to improve their durability and aesthetics.

For 35 years, ArtFloor has been implementing integrated solutions for the installation of indoor and outdoor floors with consistency and know-how. Our specialized technicians, in combination with the excellent quality of materials, are building special requirements floors all over Greece.