Playfloor : Athletic Coating for External Fields and for acrylic sports courts

Playfloor is an acrylic-based, elastic, non-slip coating, in viscous liquid appearance, that is applied in cross layers to create the desired surface and the desired color (Indian red or green) in thickness from 0,60mm to 4,0mm.  For the creation of lines and for the two-tone painting as well, where it’s required, it is accomplished with special rubber resistant to external adverse conditions color.
The PLAYFLOOR material is applied on asphalt, cement, very well insulated, smooth and waterproofed surfaces. This material is reinforced with quartz sand, which makes it suitable for the construction of a non-slip, waterproof with high elasticity acrylic sports courts. Ideal for basketball, volleyball and tennis courts, also suitable for fitness centers and pavements as well.

Temperature for the application and drying of the material should be above 5ο C. During the application procedure the floor must be dry and free of moisture.
With special experience and expertise (know – how) we construct and maintain all kind of sport fields and mainly acrylic sports courts in Greece.
For 35 years and hundreds of projects under our belt, Artfloor – Floor Applications, provides high quality services for the construction and the maintenance of internal and external flooring and to many acrylic sports courts.
The materials used are covered with certifications of Greek and Foreign laboratories and they are in totally accordance with the hygienic standards, such as those dictated by the legal framework of the EU for the production plants.